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Shipping rates

EZiPoz offers you the most competitive rate for shipping your shipments to your address.
Find out how much it would cost to ship with us.

1. The basic shipping rates:

(Price in MYR)

Base Charge

Weight Charge
per 500g

Fuel Surcharge
per 500g


63.00 (per package)

11.50 (per 500g)

2.20 (per 500g)


68.00 (per package)

12.00 (per 500g)

2.30 (per 500g)

2. Additional cost components:

Voucher Discount

Enjoy more savings when you use voucher upon checkout


Consider insurance when shipping your item for additional protection and your ease of mind

Holding Fee

Enjoy 20 days free storage at our warehouse. You will be charged RM3.50 per package per day starting on the 21st day.

Repacking Fee

We will repack you package for added protection and security if
it is inadequately packed for international shipping. Fee
charged is RM20.00 per package.

3. How am I charged for shipping?

To ship your package(s) to Malaysia, we calculate the dimensional (or volumetric) weight to compare with the actual weight of the shipment to find out which is greater. The greater weight is used to determine your shipping cost. Dimensional weight is calculated by multiplying the length x width x height of a package and divided by a dimensional factor of 5000.

Dimensional weight  (kg) = [Length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm)] / 5000cm

Please take note that the shipping weight indicated on your merchant’s order confirmation may be based on ground shipping or domestic air shipping from the merchant to our warehouse location. Depending on the size of the package and/or the carrier used, your merchant’s ground shipping charges may or may not use dimensional weight calculation.

If the carrier used by merchant does use dimensional weight calculation for ground or domestic air, the dimensional weight calculation may use a different dimensional factor and the dimensional weight will be lower than that used for international air shipments.

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