Insurance Terms & Conditions

EZiPoz provides insurance coverage to help offer you financial protection against all risks of physical loss or damage of goods/items during transit from
international location.

The insurance premium is calculated at 3% of value of goods including shipping charges, or a minimum of RM30, whichever greater.

The limits of liability for each insured item will be limited to:

1. Normal Items - RM 5,000 per item
2. High Risk* Items - RM 2,000 per item

High Risk Items

- Watches, Works of Art, gold bullions
- Hand phone, iPhone, Blackberry or any other smartphone devices
- Breakable items such as made from Glass and Ceramics
- Precision and Sensitive Equipment, ie Medical & Laboratory

Please note that the insurance will cover on general merchandise, except for (but not limited to) the following excluded items:

a. ALL restricted/prohibited items that are exported from US or imported into Malaysia
b. High risk items
c. Wafer, semiconductor, Integrated Circuits
d. Marble and Tiles

Important Policy Exclusions:

• Rusty, Oxidation, Discoloration unless caused by insured perils
• Mechanical & Electrical Derangement
• Scratching, Denting, Marring, Breakage and Staining.
• Shortages due to ordinary leakage, loss of weight or volume
• Wear & Tear
• Reject/Returned Shipments
• Loss and/or damage arising from acts of dishonesty or fraud of any partner, directors or employees of the forwarder/participant
• Mysterious Disappearance or unexplained pilferage/Shortage
• Loss or damage or expense caused by inherent vice or natural of the subject matter
• Losses arising as a result of goods not having been professionally packed/manufacturing packed
• Pre-existing damage and/or spoilt due to extremely sensitive to temperature change

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